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So I know that it may not hold a lot of meaning to you, but Backspace is a Portland All-Ages Coffee Shop/Venue/Internet cafe, and they have recently been told by their landlord that if they don’t have $10,000 by the first of January that they need to basically GTFO. Backspace is not just a venue, though, it’s a pivotal part of the local community, I have numerous personal friends who have had the opportunity to play shows thee, and to lose it would be crushing for so many people. They don’t just have concerts, though, they have monthly art shows, and the biggest weekly poetry slam on the west coast. It’s a place of art, a place for people of all ages to expose themselves to culture which, in Portland, can be hard for people under 21 to find access to.

Honestly, if you want to know exactly what this place means to the local community, just read the comments on the campaign, hell read the campaign at all.

I know it’s the holidays and money is tight for a lot of people, but if people could give ANYTHING at all it would help to save a place which means so much to so many people, and even if you can’t give monetarily, reblogging and getting the word out can help just as much.

Thank you all <3

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