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upcoming films…

Beyond Judy Davis in a new Woody Allen film (!!!), I’ve finally downloaded or have queued several films on that never-ending “have to see this” list: Picnic at Hanging Rock, Lourdes, Saraband, Catfish, The Artist, La Truite, and Pierrot Le Fou.

I am going to watch these films this upcoming week if it kills me. They’ve been sitting around in my head or on my side-table for too long…some classics I can’t believe I still haven’t seen, a little Huppert, a little Bergman, a little awards-catch-up, and my favorite actress on the BIG screen.

Rewards for a tedious week & a half of course work and a swirling head & heart.

Healthy escapism into cinema here I come!

Have you seen and loved/hated these films? Tell me more?

EDIT: oh yes, and Daisies!

— 2 years ago

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